A Firm Business Case.
When you decide to procure CPMEAfrica services, you do not just getting a team to manage your project end to end in order to deliver the product results, instead you enter into a value partnership with leading experts who give you a combination of expert services including business analysis, consultancy and strategy evaluation to complement managing your project.
For any project initiative you decide to partner with us, CPME-Africa demands a firm business case to ensure project success and overall value addition to your organization. Whether it be a non-profit outreach program on HIV & AIDS awareness or replacement delivery of an Enterprise resource system such as Sage business, our team will guide you through market research, benefit analysis and financial modelling to ensure the correct value is drawn from any project initiative before time, money and resources are allocated to it.

People Enablement
The key to any project success is the project team behind it, therefore team formation should be thorough. Selecting team resources for planning and executing should ensure both relevance to the project and correct skills set. CPME experts understands that their job entirely hinges on the team with which they work with, our methodology includes people enablement from the very beginning and understanding team expectations. We foster firm participation from early on, understand all business requirements from each member and ensure full alignment to both project and strategic objectives. Our approach is to enable the team to craft the business solutions required for the project therefore fostering both commitment and accountability of time estimate deadlines committed, the right quality throughput and all resources both human resources and/or equipment promised; this ensures full project success.

Plan Driven Methodology.
For the most part, CPME_Africa employs a plan driven approach and seeks to firmly understand the full scope of the project and details of the different works required to deliver the product or result. We employ what we like to call a “Plan for planning” approach adopted from the PMI process flows. With this approach every step is carefully planned for all knowledge areas through the 5 process groups including planning hence the term “Plan to Plan”. This process allows us to fully understand the entire project in terms of the famous triple constraints of Scope, Time & Cost giving an output of the right quality; it allows us to exhaustively pre-empt all potential Risks both positive and negative and properly plan for their responses. In addition, fully defining the scope of the project and the works required, helps align all Stakeholders and properly manage their expectations as most of the information is shared with a common understanding. This also makes planning for how communications will occur with all teams and stakeholders easier and more efficient.