CPME-Africa is Africa’s leading Project and Programme Management Company with expertise in many industries and organizations of different sizes. We offer Project Management Consulting, Project Management Training, Project Management Office setup and Project Management health-check services in Africa and beyond.

CPME-Africa is built on relationships, stability, and integrity of which we are proud to demonstrate through our work. We draw from our collective wealth of experience in Project Management, Telecommunications, Information Technology, Engineering, Business Consultancy, Quantity Surveying, Architectural Design, Construction Management and Building to ensure that your project runs efficiently from inception to completion.

At CPME-Africa we work with you and your team to turn your business vision, objective, goal or strategy into reality. We bring a mix of leading-edge thinking combined with a hands-on approach to actively transform your business, leaving your business stronger, fitter and more profitable. CPME-Africa was formed by a revolutionary team of entrepreneurial leaders and PMP certified consultants looking to transform the way the world thinks about ‘project management’. Since our inception, our passion for redefining project management and delivering business success for our clients has kept us far ahead of the competition.


To be Africa’s leading certified-owned one-stop-shop project management firm, opening opportunities with connected thinking to deliver optimum solutions and sustainable outcomes for our clients.


Our mission is to deliver a flexible combination of project management solutions tailored to our clients’ needs.
This defines our main purpose of existence and we achieve this by first forming a partnership with our clients and then work together to define and understand requirements then together deliver results tailored to meet the requirements. CPME-Africa uses a team of highly experienced and certified professionals to provide project management consulting, project management training and project management office setup services. Our goal is to give you a competitive advantage through improved project planning and control techniques. Our flexible combination of project management services is tailored to meet the individual needs of your organization.

Values (4Ps)

We respect partnerships with our clients and we believe in ‘the more the merrier’ in achieving targets.
We encourage teamwork and deliver to the best of our ability.
We value every person and culture we work with equally.
We treat every person and culture with respect.
We treat the environment and communities in which we work with utmost respect.


We want to see our clients always continuously improve during and post project partnership assignments.
We embrace change and use of up-to-date technology in doing business.
We aim for sustainable results for our partners and the environment.
We actively support the personal development of our staff and our professions.
We aim to always exceed our partners’expectations.


We value our integrity and behave ethically and do not tolerate bribery or corruption.
We always deliver on our promises.
We work hard for professional and commercial success.


We uphold leading-edge professional, technical and safety standards.
We develop innovative, efficient solutions that create value for our customers.
We are proud of our heritage and our achievements.

Consultant Credentials

All our Consultants have college degrees and are Project Management Professionals PMP® certified through the Project Management Institute. All Consultants receive continuing education on the latest project management technologies, software, governance and best practices.

Consultant Experience

Our Consultants have experience working with clients whose project teams have multiple project leaders and have team members from multiple organizations, multiple locations, and multiple geographic regions.
CPME-Africa consultants have the experience and leadership to keep all team members engaged and accountable and to communicate (orally and in writing) the project status to all levels of project stakeholders.

Our Company History

CPME-Africa was formed through a shared vision of five project management experts who put their real-life experiences and practical knowledge to work developing highly effective project solutions for clients worldwide. We offer total project management solutions to the world in a one-stop-shop for all model. CPME-Africa was formed to become one of Africa's leading independent Project Management organizations, offering an experienced team of in-house project managers to deliver your projects.
The CPME-Africa founders have project management experience in a broad range of situations – from construction to telecoms, campaigns to systems development, special events to new product development, energy exploration to facility relocation. And those experiences cover a variety of industries-telecoms, manufacturing, technology, engineering, construction, retail, aerospace, financial and more.